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Introducing the BS* + Beer Show

I worked at newspapers for only a short time, but long enough to confirm that the pace of making a daily or even bi-weekly newspaper is as furious as it is portrayed in the movies. When I hopped over to Fine Homebuilding, before the internet and it’s ravenous appetite for content changed our lives forever, we often had six month or more to conceive, develop, design, and refine feature articles. What a luxury! Unfortunately, that didn’t last much longer than my career in the newsroom. For me, the speed at which digital media moves makes even daily publishing seem relaxing. While…


Current Obsessions: In Praise of Craft

Current Obsessions: In Praise of Craft - RemodelistaIcon - Arrow LeftIcon - Arrow RightIcon - External LinkIcon - MessageIcon - Down ChevronIcon - CloseIcon - Dropdown ArrowIcon - Location PinIcon - Zoom OutIcon - Zoom InIcon - SearchIcon - EmailIcon - FacebookflipboardIcon - InstagramIcon - PinterestIcon - TwitterIcon - Check Mark An icon we use to indicate a rightwards action. An icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. An icon we use to indicate a button link is external. The icon we use to represent an email action. Used to indicate a dropdown. Used to indicate a close action.…


This Old House: Live – Connect with Painter Mauro Henrique

In these challenging times with so many people at home seeking ways to pass the time productively, This Old House is launching “This Old House: Live” — daily programing and opportunities to connect with our experts. And we want to hear from you. Got a question for our experts? Have a project you’d like to share? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. Audiences will also be treated to a giveaway; starting Thursday, April 2, one winner will win a $250 Home Depot gift card each week. We’re here to help and we look forward to hearing from you.…


Restoring a 19th Century Cape Cod

Homeowner Pamela Haines, an antiques dealer, furnished the dining room of her snug home with a well-worn trestle table and a vintage Welsh dresser. Colorful casings and trim enliven the plaster walls. Gridley + Graves It’s hard to imagine what drove settlers to rural Maine in the 1800s. It couldn’t have been the weather. But all that cold and snow had an upside, says Pamela Haines, owner of a 19th-century Cape Cod–style house in the river town of Buxton. Houses like hers have an assortment of small rooms, the better to close off ones not worth heating, and that configuration…


How to Care for Candles: Tips from a Brooklyn Shop

Back in January, I made a resolution for the year: “More candles. More candles at the breakfast table, more light in winter, more settling in, more slow mornings, more romance in design, more making more of small moments.” I’ve been thinking about that urge a lot these last weeks, in these uncertain and isolated and anxious times, with long stretches spent indoors, one day blurring into the next. I’ve found myself taking comfort in simple moments and in tiny tasks to care for my space: making the bed up with clean sheets, taking a shower, putting on (sort of) real clothes…


English-Style in Seattle: A Couple’s Longtime Home Gets an Anglo Update

Spending all this time in our own quarters leads to restless thinking—of making home improvements or of moving on, maybe to another planet. Today we’re spotlighting the longtime family home of a couple with grown children who felt very ready for a change but decided to stay put. Their place, a charming but compact 1915 carriage house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, now has a fresh, new look—full kitchen and bath remodel, included—thanks to interior designer Heidi Caillier. It was Caillier who suggested the owners travel in a sense, by applying a timeless, English-accented approach to their rooms: “British style works…

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