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How to Build a Wall-Hung TV Cabinet

A large flat-screen TV monitor is great for when you want to watch the big game or your favorite show. But when the TV isn’t on, that big blank rectangle on your living room wall can be a bit of an eyesore. Here’s an idea: conceal it behind a handsome homemade TV cabinet. This is a straightforward project that involves cutting down a single bifold closet door and building a simple frame. A bifold door consists of two panels joined by a bifold hinge. Doors are sold by width, including both panels, and come in stock sizes—typically 24, 30, or…


13 Made-to-Last Pieces by a North Carolina Furniture Company You Should Know

Here on the Remodelista team, we’re often lamenting the rise of disposable furniture. In a time of mass production and throwaway culture, it’s hard to know how furniture is made, and whether a sofa will hold up over decades of sitting or whether it’ll start to sag—or, worse, collapse—after just a few years. Fortunately there are companies like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams making furniture with a focus on superior craftsmanship and quality. Founded in the US in 1989 and based on 70 acres in Taylorsville, North Carolina, the company considers the furniture they make “hand-made  love,” employing skilled artisans—sometimes…


How to Boost Recycling

You finish that last sip of morning coffee and stare at the empty paper cup in your hand. Should it go into the recycling bin, compost, or be landfilled, or incinerated? You are not alone. Most Americans are confused about recycling, and the crisis driven by China’s decision to stop accepting most foreign scrap material is worsening the problem. At this point it’s hard to be sure that items put in the recycling bin are recycled. Research shows that more often than not, Americans give up trying to sort their recyclables. Or they engage in wishful recycling, tossing nonrecyclables into…


How to Choose the Best Siding for a House

The exterior of your home has a big job. Not only does it have to protect you and your family from the onslaughts of nature, it must continue to look inviting no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. If you’re in the market for improving the facade of your home, and you’re unsure which type of siding to choose, this comparison will help. Before we jump into the different types of siding, it’s important to note that any exterior siding project should also include some consideration of exterior trim–the casing treatment used around window and door openings. If the…


How to DIY Shiplap Walls

Rustic and beautiful, the shiplap look continues to be very popular in interior design projects. Shiplap actually refers to a particular joint featuring an overlapping groove design that allows wood boards to interlock tightly, giving them great weatherproofing capability, which is why shiplap’s long been a favorite for outbuildings like barns. Plus, it’s relatively easy to achieve yourself. Here’s how to create the beautiful effect of shiplap by artfully installing plywood panels to walls inside your home. How to Install Shiplap Using Plywood: Measure the width and height of the wall to determine how much wood you’ll need. Plywood comes…


When It’s Better to Demolish an Old House than to Patch It Up

GBA readers get a steady diet of advice on how to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of old houses. The list almost always includes basics like air sealing and adding insulation, and may extend to upgraded mechanical systems and windows. BlueSolar isn’t so sure that makes sense. Writing in a recent Q&A post, BlueSolar says he’s not finding good building lots in convenient neighborhoods in the two areas he’s considering, Tucson and Las Vegas. So he’s thinking about buying a cheaper house, tearing it down, and building a new one. BlueSolar can see pros and cons. On the plus…

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