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Details for Insulating a Slab Perimeter

In New Hampshire, Chris Roche is pulling together plans for a new energy-efficient home. The slab-on-grade design calls for double-stud walls insulated with dense-packed cellulose, what Roche believes is the most economical and practical approach for getting the walls to R-40, or beyond. Roche has paused at an important detail: the layer of rigid foam insulation that separates the concrete foundation wall on the outside from the slab on the inside. Roche writes in a recent Q&A post that just about every foundation design for a slab that he’s seen either puts all of the rigid insulation on the outside…


8 Economical DIY Rattan Projects Featuring Readymade Cane and Ikea Furniture

Phase Two of the now raging Rattan Revival: crafty sorts the world over are making use of readymade rolls of woven cane, Ikea furniture, and other basics to create their own take on the trend. Here are eight standout projects, all easy enough to tackle yourself (or to get a handy someone to make for you). N.B. Cane is a part of the fast-growing rattan plant; we use the two terms here interchangeably. Headboard Above: Copenhagen-based interior stylist and writer Caroline Bahrenscheer of the blog September Edit created this floating Rattan Headboard for her own bedroom. As a frame, Caroline used Ikea’s Ivar…


Ranch Redux: A New Life for a Mid-Century Gem in San Diego, Courtesy of Studio Shamshiri

Here’s a project that masterfully combines some of our favorite styles—Scandinavian, Japanese wabi-sabi, and California mid-century—to great effect. It’s the work of Studio Shamshiri founder, Pamela Shamshiri, long admired in the industry for her exacting eye and tastemaking sensibilities. “We look for an emotional link or common attitude between the eras we’re referencing,” she told us in a 2015 Remodelista interview (back when she was a founding partner at Commune Design). “You can’t combine any two movements, they have to complement each other and relate in ethos.” That interplay between the different design traditions has created a home that feels…


Desert Dream: An Architect-Designed, Off-the Grid Cabin in Joshua Tree

It is bitterly cold in the Northeast this week, and I plan to stay indoors as much as I can, drinking hot tea, snuggling with my dog, and researching trips to warmer destinations. On my list: this solar-powered guesthouse in Southern California designed by Cohesion Studio. Joshua Tree Folly sits on an abandoned homestead in the town of Twentynine Palms, just outside Joshua Tree National Park. It’s the brainchild of architect Malek Alqadi, who, after years of working at a firm and designing private residences for Hollywood VIPs, decided to strike out on his own. In stark contrast to the…


Kitchen of the Week: Ikea Meets Semihandmade in a Shell Pink Beach House Kitchen

Of all the trending alternatives to icebox white in the kitchen, pink doesn’t exactly rank at the top of the list. Still, we’ve encountered several kitchens of late that use blush tones to great effect: see, for instance, A Plaster-Pink Kitchen in Bath, England, Two Young Architects Think Pink in LA, and Urban Tropical in London.  These designs all telegraph a notably cheery vibe thanks to their pastel palette—and the same can be said for this compact galley in a 1959 house in Solana Beach, in northern San Diego County. San Diego interior designer Michelle Salz-Smith and her team at Studio…


The Perfect Weather for a Dehumidifier

What is the perfect weather for a dehumidifier? That dehumidifier you see in the photo above is in the Energy Vanguard office here in Decatur, Georgia. The compressor doesn’t come on often, but this past week I’ve heard it running quite a bit. Depending on where you’re from, you may be thinking, “Yeah, it’s always humid in the South. I don’t know how you people can stand it.” Or you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, it’s January. You shouldn’t need a dehumidifier in the Atlanta area in January.” The latter statement is the one that aligns with our reality…

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