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S41 E12: Seaside Transformation

On this episode: The Westerly one-story ranch house has been converted to a two-story Dutch Colonial thanks to the Sweenor team. Today the crew does a final walkthrough and says goodbye to the homeowners and the apprentices. Starting outdoors, Kevin shows off the new sweeping gambrel roofline before heading inside to meet Jeff. They begin the tour in the original long hallway to see the updated bathroom, an old bedroom which is now an office complete with barn doors and a wall of shelving, and another old bedroom that has turned into a spacious laundry room. The original room with…


8 Ways to Get More Out of Your INSIDER Membership

As a This Old House Insider, you get the ultimate fan experience and exclusive access to content, events, sweepstakes—and the cast. Need more Norm in plaid? You got it. Want to ask Richard a question about your plumbing situation? No problem. Need to reference a project Tommy finished in a past episode from a decade ago? It’s possible. Whether you’re already a member or thinking about joining, here are eight ways you can get more out of being a This Old House Insider. 1. Binge any season you want from your mobile and connected devices. Did you know it’s possible…


Steal This Look: A Pale and Perfect Under-the-Eaves Kitchen in Copenhagen

Caroline and Steffan Feiffer’s attic apartment in a 1737 townhouse in Copenhagen made waves when it hit the internet. The couple renovated the space themselves, and made the most of the corner allotted for a kitchen. Their solution? Integrated appliances, storage alcoves, and instead of a counter-cluttering dish rack and knife block, wall-mounted alternatives. Here’s a look at their sources. Above: The all-white kitchen sits beneath a lofted home office on the top floor of the historic building. Photograph courtesy of Katrine Rohrberg from Danish Heritage: A Copenhagen Townhouse Renovated by Hand. Materials Above: Caroline and Steffan painted the walls and beams of the…


Svinkløv Badehotel: The Reincarnation of a Beloved Seaside Hotel in Denmark

A perk of Instagram-stalking people whose style we admire is seeing where they stay on vacation. If we had to generalize, it’s usually a considered, smallish hotel that has design cred, a buzz-worthy restaurant, and a notable lack of amenities (no wi-fi, no televisions, and definitely no night clubs). The newish Svinkløv Badehotel, one of our favorite Insta-stumble discoveries ever, is all of these things and more. The historical hotel, located on the coast of the North Sea in Denmark, is a beloved and popular summertime destination for Copenhagen residents. In 2016, it was destroyed by a fire, but owners Kenneth…


For Now, the U.S. Green Economy Is Thriving

The green economy in the U.S. is an economic powerhouse, generating more than $1.3 trillion a year and employing 9.5 million people. But the U.S. position as a world leader is precarious. Photo courtesy of Karsten Würth. While President Donald Trump may be “the world’s most powerful climate change denier,” our latest research suggests that he took over over a thriving green economy. According to new data, by 2016 it was generating more than $1.3 trillion in annual revenue and employed approximately 9.5 million people–making it the largest green market in the world. It’s been growing rapidly too– between 2013 and…


Domestic Science: A New Limited-Edition Collection of Household Wares from Ikea

It’s as if Ikea has been reading our minds and hacking into our in-boxes—because their new limited-edition collection of housekeeping wares is exactly what we’ve been hoping for: good-looking, well-made, well-priced everyday domestic tools made from natural materials. Here’s what we’re eyeing from their Borstad line, in stores this February: Photography courtesy of Ikea. Above: The products in the Borstad line are all made from natural materials such as hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas. From left: a rattan Carpet Beater ($5.99), a linen Shoe Bag ($4.99), a Dust Pan and Brush ($12.99), a Hanging Organizer ($12.99), a standing Dust…

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