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Could Renewable Natural Gas Be the Next Big Thing in Green Energy?

In the next few weeks, construction crews will begin building an anaerobic digester on the Goodrich Family Farm in western Vermont that will transform cow manure and locally sourced food waste into renewable natural gas (RNG), to be sent via pipeline to nearby Middlebury College and other customers willing to pay a premium for low-carbon energy. For the developer, Vanguard Renewables, the project represents both a departure and a strategic bet. The firm already owns and operates five farm-based biogas systems in Massachusetts; each generates electricity on site that is sent to the grid and sold under the state’s net-metering…


Celebrating 2020: Fresh Starts, Morning Edition

How to mark the dawn of a new year and a new decade? We’re taking inspiration from Nina Plummer of Ingredients LDN in Edinburgh, and easing into 2020 with the simplest of breakfasts at a table set with beautiful basics. Her selections are a reminder that the objects we surround ourselves with can be not only timeless and long-lasting but quietly uplifting—and can change the course of our days. Photography by Nina Plummer, courtesy of Ingredients LDN. Above: What’s also uplifting is Nina and her husband Craig’s apartment—they live on the second floor of a Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town.…

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