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Copenhagen Clubhouse The Audo: A New Creative Hub with Guest Rooms Under the Rafters

Set in a shipping merchant’s quarters in Copenhagen’s waterfront district, The Audo is an ambitious new multi-use gathering place. It was dreamed up by the founder of furniture company Menu, Bjarne Hansen, to serve as the brand’s new headquarters, and also to showcase its designs put to use—in a concept store, restaurant and cafe, co-working space, gathering place, and hotel. Currently celebrating its 40th year, Menu teamed up with frequent collaborator Norm Architects to transform the historic structure into what Hansen describes as a hybrid space that “blurs the lines between home-life and work, uniting design, business and community in…


How to Fix a Dangerous Deck

Mikeysp has just visited a friend’s lakeside cabin and come away with serious reservations about an attached deck built over a steep embankment. Scenic, possibly, but in Mikeysp’s view, a disaster waiting to happen. The design includes a 4-foot cantilever of the 2×8 framing, structural posts that seem inadequately anchored at the ground, and a lack of lateral support. “I warned him that it is unsafe,” Mikeysp says in a recent Q&A post. “If that were to fail, it could go down, into the water, and really harm someone, whether elderly, young, or rendered incapacitated from the impact with debris…


Current Obsessions: Winter Light

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