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Wood: Dead in the Water? | Clearstory Ep. 4

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Object Lessons: The Iconic Swedish Jetson Chair, Now Available in the US

This year, an icon of Swedish design we’ve long coveted—the Jetson Chair—turns 50. In celebration, we’re turning to its origin story, which begins in a snowbank. The designer, Bruno Matthson, designed the Jetson Chair as he did much of his furniture: by reclining in snow drifts, then studying the imprint his body made. A pioneer of Swedish Modern style and a prolific designer, Matthson was known for mixing modernism with traditional Swedish craftsmanship (and also for creating the bentwood technique that’s a hallmark of Scandi furniture today). And he was fascinated by the relationship between furniture and body. Matthson designed…


The Green Police: Product Retrospective

For several years in the 2000s and early 2010s, I was half of the “Green Police,” a video series produced by Hanley Wood, along with green remodeler Michael Anschel of OA Design+Build+Architecture in Minneapolis, MN. The short “Green Police” videos included reviews of various green building materials, systems, and programs, and some recordings of a presentation we gave at ACI (Now known as the National Home Performance Conference) in Austin, Texas. We had a lot of fun, ran across some interesting products, learned a few things, and hopefully entertained some people in the process. Like all good things, the “Green…


Studio Visit: Ceramic Statement Lighting by Dumais Made

As the holidays approach, consider the power of a present: five years ago, interior designer Kevin Dumais surprised his then-boyfriend, Charlie, with a pottery class for Christmas. An architectural lighting designer who had once dabbled in wheel-thrown ceramics, Charlie loved stepping away from his computer and learning hand-building techniques. “I fell in love with slab construction,” he says, “you have to plan carefully ahead but improvise during execution.” Months into Charlie’s new hobby the two were browsing in an antiques shop when Kevin picked up a Japanese ceramic lamp and a lightbulb went off in his head. “You know you…


Tesla Unveils Another Version of Its Solar Roof

Tesla is now taking orders for the latest version of its solar roof. Installation should begin later this month. Photo courtesy of Tesla. Tesla’s solar roof—the breakthrough that seems perpetually right around the corner—is now in its third and most promising iteration and should be ready for installation in the coming weeks, the company’s CEO says. In a conference call with reporters late last month, Elon Musk admitted that earlier versions of the long-delayed solar roofing tiles “really didn’t work,” according to an article posted at Quartz. But the newest glass-topped tiles are larger, easier to install, and have higher…


American Heirlooms: Classic Crowd-Pleasers for Anyone on Your List, from Schoolhouse

Behold: well-made, usable gifts for everyone—that even the most design-forward on your list are unlikely to have. When it comes to classic hardware and lighting, we look to Schoolhouse, the Portland, Oregon-founded purveyors of new American heirlooms. But their wares extend well beyond light fixtures and fittings. Out of a more than century-old brick factory in Portland, they design original, one-of-a-kind housewares and essentials for the home with a timeless, durable, subtly old-school vibe that fit with every sort and style of decor. Here are a few Schoolhouse icons we’re gifting this year. Above: The newly released Amber Glass Mug…

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