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The Scandinavian Sleep Secret: Mine and Yours Duvets

Anki Spets has been out to improve American slumber since 1990. Back then, she was a Swedish fashion designer new to NYC and dismayed by the wrinkle-proof, mixed blend sheets that dominated the US market. Years before Ikea and Scandi style arrived on the home front, way before bedding disruptors entered the picture, her business, Area Home, was all about natural fibers in Swedish-inspired patterns and palettes from fair trade sources. In addition to natural materials, Anki is all about comfort and casualness (she even builds rumples into her designs). But there’s another a crucial element to her bed making: mine…


Minnesota Homestead: Choosing Windows

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of posts describing the construction of a net-zero energy house in Rochester, Minnesota, by Tracee Vetting Wolf, Matt Vetting, and their son Max. You can find their complete blog here. A list of their previous posts appears at the bottom of this column. This post was written by Matt. One of the important features of our house are the windows. The house is oriented with one of the long dimensions facing south with large windows on the main floor in order to allow the winter sun to heat the 4-inch-thick concrete slab…


Enter to Win a Weekend Stay at a Mountainside Cabin in Tahoe, Redone by Heath Ceramics

Since the very beginnings of Remodelista, we’ve looked to Heath Ceramics for their iconic, California-cool tile, tableware, and decor. All the while—or for the past seven years, at least—husband-and-wife Heath owners Cathy Bailey and Robin Petravic have been at work outfitting a California-cool cabin, tucked among the pines at Alpine Meadows Valley in Tahoe. Outfitted with Heath fittings and all the essentials for a rustic getaway, the Heath Cabin is now available for vacation rentals. This month, we’re partnering with Heath to give away a three-night stay, March 20-23, 2020 (a $1,650 value). For a chance to win, enter here…


Choosing a Safe Wall Assembly

Wall assemblies that are both well insulated and free of long-term moisture problems are a frequent topic for the Q&A Spotlight. Hasn’t this subject been raked over enough in the past to answer just about every possible question? Not according to Nat, a GBA reader and structural engineer who is planning his own house in Climate Zone 5. Even after poring through GBA and other websites, Nat finds himself uncertain about the planned wall assembly on his budget-conscious new home. The house design is simple. A plain box with a gable roof and a full basement, roughly 1,100 square feet…


Domestic Science: Kept, A New Utilitarian Line from Design Star Kara Mann

If you’re familiar with the work of Chicago/NY designer Kara Mann, you know she has a distinct Goth approach to interiors. She works in a palette of black and white, and now, she’s taken it a step further and launched Kept, a line of utilitarian household goods (her mantra: “We make things you need into things you love”). We’re on board. Here’s a look: Above: A laundry room outfitted with Kept products, including the handmade Custodian Broom. Above: An array of Kept products displayed on a custom ash Peg Rail from Canadian artisan Dustin Kroft. Above: The cotton/linen Apron ($78) is made…


Love in Danish: A Chef Couple’s Warm Scandinavian Apartment Above Their Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Over the past decade or so of Remodelista, we’ve featured a ceramicist’s own home above her shop in Hudson, a rentable guest quarters above a hardware store in Marseilles, and a thoughtful space above Marche St. George in Vancouver. But we’ve yet to feature a flat above a Michelin-starred restaurant. Until now. It all started a few weeks back, when an email from Anna Posey landed in our inbox. The name might ring a bell. Anna, a pastry chef, and her husband, chef David Posey, own the acclaimed Elske in Chicago, a restaurant on the first floor of a 100-year-old meatpacking factory…

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