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Creating a Circular Economy for the Construction Industry

The construction industry faces unique challenges in reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills. But change is possible. Illustration courtesy of Recycle Track Systems. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs—and in the construction industry, the eggshells tend to be rather large. In fact, while the industry is most commonly associated with creation, the waste generated by both construction and demolition is a huge problem—a problem that has no easy solution. In 2015, an estimated 548 million tons of construction and demolition waste were sent to landfills in the U.S., twice as much as standard municipal solid…


Two Kitchens: Twice as Nice! | 2019 Idea House

Two Kitchens: Twice as Nice! | 2019 Idea House 1 × Understated Elegance Understated Elegance Photo by Nat Rea A structural beam clad in wood salvaged from the house’s original framing defines the formal kitchen and complements the warm white oak flooring and cabinetry. Flanking the sink, refrigerator and freezer columns hide behind door panels that extend above the units to line up with the top of the windows and the underside of the soffit for a clean architectural line.  CABINETS: New England Cabinet CompanyFLOORING: Baird Brothers Fine HardwoodsFLOOR FINISH: BonaAPPLIANCES: Clarke: Official Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove Showroom 5 × Bright Breakfast Nook Bright…


Architects’ 8 Favorite Cool-Toned Neutral Paints

Among the finer points when it comes to choosing a paint: whether it has warm or cool undertones (which can have a surprisingly big effect on a room, adding an extra complication when it comes to choosing a shade). Luckily, we have a panel of paint masters to consult. We asked the experts in the Remodelista Architect & Designer Directory for their favorite cool-toned whites and neutrals, all with undertones of green and blue, rather than red and yellow. Among the benefits of cool-toned whites: They have more dimension than a “pure” white and make walls and ceilings recede more than…


Minnesota Homestead: Nordic Roots

Inspired by an 18th century farmstead in Sweden and a simple Danish interior, the house is an attempt to reclaim architecture suited to a specific region. Photo courtesy of Matt Vetting and Tracee Vetting Wolf. Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of posts describing the construction of a net-zero energy house in Rochester, Minnesota, by Tracee Vetting Wolf, Matt Vetting, and their son Max. You can find their complete blog here. A list of their previous posts appears at the bottom of this column. This post was written by Tracee. Air conditioning was invented in 1902 to solve…


Living & Entertaining Spaces | 2019 Idea House

Living & Entertaining Spaces | 2019 Idea House 2 × Put-Your-Feet-Up-and-Sit-Awhile Porch Put-Your-Feet-Up-and-Sit-Awhile Porch Photo by Nat Rea The side wing that was added to the circa-1840 house in the 1960s was rebuilt in its original Greek Revival style, and its new double-hungs have been flanked with historically accurate, operable shutters made from a composite that won’t warp or split. The stepped-back wing helps retain the look of an antique home added onto over time. Concrete pavers cast from historic molds lead to a wraparound porch, which offers a chance to while away a neighborly hour or two with friends…


Décor & Design Takeaways | 2019 Idea House

Décor & Design Takeaways | 2019 Idea House 1 × Add Flair to Your Front Porch Steps Add Flair to Your Front Porch Steps Photo by Nat Rea First impressions count, and with just a little effort you can welcome visitors in style. We replicated the quarter-size stair riser cutouts that were original to the Greek Revival home. And we embellished the risers with a minimalist house number below the top step. A planter with colorful blooms that can be changed out seasonally completes the look.PORCH STEPS: AeratisPORCH NUMBER: House of Antique Hardware 2 × Connect Rooms with Color Connect…

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