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Framing: They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To | Clearstory Ep. 2

It may look hard to frame a house, but it used to be a lot harder. Kevin O’Connor explores the incredible evolution of timber to stick framing. The 2x4 helped America spread out across the plains, but it reduced Chicago to ashes along the way. History professor Dr. Dennis Cremin traces the flames, and This Old House’s Jeff Sweenor helps snuff them out. Great innovation paired with massive tragedy set the stage for modern day homebuilding.Subscribe to Clearstory on or, wherever you get your podcasts. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/article/framing-they-dont-build-em-they-used-to-clearstory-ep-2


Romance on the Rhine: the Newly Opened Purs Hotel, with Interiors by Axel Vervoordt

Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt has designed hotel suites in the past (see On Top of the World: A Belgian Antiquarian Designs a Penthouse in NYC), but his first top-to-bottom hospitality project is the newly opened Purs Hotel, located in a 17th-century, gable-roofed former chancellery building, overlooking the Rhine, in Andernach, Germany. Here’s a look: Above: The designers preserved the buildings’ original elements, including the slate roofs and the grand-scaled windows. Above: The lobby is outfitted with Vervoordt’s much-admired (and copied) elegantly detailed sofas and lounge chairs. Above: The dining room of the already-Michelin-starred Purs restaurant, presided over by Christian Eckhardt, is…


Energy Policy Group Targets Biomass

The Drax Power Station in England, the country's largest. The plant has converted four of its six boilers from coal to wood and imports wood pellets from the U.S. Southeast. Photo by Ian Britton / CC BY-NC 2.0 / Flickr A push for wood-burning power plants has eased in the U.S., but the use of wood pellets to produce electricity is flourishing elsewhere and remains a serious environmental threat, an energy policy advocacy group warns. Writing in the New York Review of Books, Mary S. Booth said the use of forest biomass as a replacement for coal is increasing the…


Fade to Black: 13 Subtle, Stylish Ways to Get in the Spirit of All Hallows’ Eve

Wearing a lot of black will never be thought of as bold. Chic, maybe, but not bold. Black in the home, though? That’s a different story. Black furniture, black painted walls, black floors—those choices are bold, especially in an era when Scandi sensibility and white interiors are de rigueur. These days, and especially this week, we can’t get enough of moody interiors. If you’re feeling timid about going to the dark side, try incorporating one of these 13 decorative items and household basics, all in pitch-black, into your life. We promise, they’ll look chic and bold in your home. Above:…


Current Obsessions: Shadowland

Current Obsessions: Shadowland - RemodelistaIcon - Arrow LeftIcon - Arrow RightIcon - External LinkIcon - MessageIcon - Down ChevronIcon - CloseIcon - Dropdown ArrowIcon - Location PinIcon - Zoom OutIcon - Zoom InIcon - SearchIcon - EmailIcon - FacebookflipboardIcon - InstagramIcon - PinterestIcon - TwitterIcon - Check Mark An icon we use to indicate a rightwards action. An icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. An icon we use to indicate a button link is external. The icon we use to represent an email action. Used to indicate a dropdown. Used to indicate a close action. Used to indicate…


Under-Sink Water Filters: Are They Worth It?

Pros It’s convenient. Oh, boy, is it nice not to need to refill a pitcher anymore. There’s nothing to clutter the counters. Since the filtration system is under the sink, everything is out of sight. It delivers targeted filtration. While whole-house systems, I’m sure, give owners peace of mind, I’m quite happy with our point-of-use filtration. After all, our family doesn’t need filtered water for washing dishes or showering (the water in our town has been relatively safe); we were mostly concerned with making sure our drinking water was filtered. And better filtration, too. According to Wirecutter, “because under-sink filters…

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