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The Reset Club’s Cook House, a Chic Catskills Rental, Resources and Remodeling Advice Included

“We love thinking about every experience someone has from the minute they open the door. How can we help them feel relaxed, inspired, and at home as quickly and easily as possible?” Kristin Sloan is explaining what compelled her and her husband and business partner, Doug Jaeger, to launch what they’ve dubbed The Reset Club, a travel and shopping site for aesthetes with remodeling advice laced in. The two have been in the midst of a reset themselves: she’s a New York City ballet dancer-turned-digital storyteller (she got her start launching the ballet’s media department), and he’s a former partner…


Urban Rustic: Charred Cedar Siding

Editor’s note: This post is one of a series by Eric Whetzel about the design and construction of his house in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. A list of Eric’s previous posts appears below. For more details and more photos, see Eric’s blog, Kimchi & Kraut. We wanted the process of creating our new home to be fun, so from the outset we approached the build as a mix of science and art. For the structure, this meant utilizing building science research to properly air seal, insulate, and ventilate to ensure that we ended up with a house that’s hopefully…


Does This Roof Need More Foam?

A GBA reader named 88Clayton is insulating the attic in his house with spray foam and has run into a problem: the level of insulation recommended by contractors is at odds with what the building inspector wants. “I’m on the southern edge of [Climate Zone] 4,” 88Clayton writes in a  Q&A post. “My spray foam contractor recommended R-20 of open cell. That’s what is currently sprayed on my roof deck. The code inspector came by today and is insisting on R-38, as if it [were] a conventional vented attic with loose blown fibers.” With an air leakage rate of 1.7…


English Translation: A Compact Victorian Gets an Eclectic but Cohesive Makeover

Here at Remodelista, we’re pretty omnivorous when it comes to architectural and interior styles. We can admire a dressed-to-the-nines formal home (like this one) and, in the same breadth, applaud a rustic DIY cabin with no running water (like this one). Sometimes, though, we happen upon projects that make us want to pack up and move right in. Paul West’s duplex, in a compact London Victorian, falls into this special category. It helps that the space itself is blessed with good bones. “There was so much to love,” says Paul about why he chose to buy it five years ago.…


Current Obsessions: Fall Happenings

Current Obsessions: Fall Happenings - RemodelistaIcon - Arrow LeftIcon - Arrow RightIcon - External LinkIcon - MessageIcon - Down ChevronIcon - CloseIcon - Dropdown ArrowIcon - Location PinIcon - Zoom OutIcon - Zoom InIcon - SearchIcon - EmailIcon - FacebookflipboardIcon - InstagramIcon - PinterestIcon - TwitterIcon - Check Mark An icon we use to indicate a rightwards action. An icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. An icon we use to indicate a button link is external. The icon we use to represent an email action. Used to indicate a dropdown. Used to indicate a close action. Used to…


Roma: An Artful Twentieth-Century House in Italy in an Of-the-Moment Palette

Since we first featured their Ping Pong House a year ago, I’ve been pulled again and again to the website of Studio Strato, the Rome-based firm of architects Vincenzo Tattolo and Martino Fraschetti. The duo have a way of making spaces feel playful but serene, artful and sculptural, even poetic, but wholly livable, and with masterful doses of color. Recently I fell for their “Tuscan Red House”: a twentieth-century building in the Testaccio district of Rome that the firm renovated for a young couple—a freelancer and a creative—and their kids. The project was completed a few years back but—with its retro tiled kitchen floor,…

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