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It’s Time for A New Take on Commercial Interior Design Trends

Identifying business trends is important in every field; it allows companies to stay up-to-date, competitive and relevant. We’ve found it spurs innovation, too, as we consider how to offer products and services that are original, inventive and more effective than their predecessors. But this year we realized that 2019’s emerging commercial interior design trends reflect a major paradigm shift in our field. Gone are the days when our annual trend assessment focused on just design issues, such as which fixtures, furnishings, color palettes and materials would be important to prioritize in projects. This year we found scope of commercial interior…


Curved Segments vs. V-Grooved Block: Head-to-Head

When it comes to insulating large diameter pipes and vessels, there are a variety of insulating options available, including Johns Manville’s Thermo-1200™ calcium silicate curved segments and V-grooved/scored block. Given that these two insulation products are largely used for the same purpose, it can be challenging to know which one to select for your large-diameter application. We recently sat down with Jack Bittner, Johns Manville’s Industrial Product Manager, to discuss the differences in curved segments and V-grooved/scored block and where they are each most applicable. Find out what Jack had to say about the differences between the two products in…


How Logistics Impacts Shutdowns, Outages, and Turnarounds

Much of the process industry operates on a seven day per week, twenty-four hour per day schedule, and has one thing in common. The common element being key pieces of equipment cannot be worked on or internally inspected unless they are taken out of service in order to perform the required work. As a result, plants often execute what are referred to as shutdowns, outages, or turnarounds.  For the sake of this article, let’s simply use the word “outages” to identify these significant events. The reason I say these events are significant is due to the fact that the production…


The Consequences of a “Bad Specification” From the Perspective of the Mechanical Insulation Industry

You continually hear mechanical insulation contractors, and others, complaining about incomplete, outdated, or irrelevant mechanical insulation specifications (i.e., “bad specifications”). Immediately you want to know, what is a bad versus a good specification and what are the advantages or consequences of both? This article is written from the perspective of the mechanical insulation industry and focused primarily on new construction. The comments or opinions addressed herein may or may not apply to all industries. It is not intended to find fault with any specifying organization or individual but to address the confusing or conflicting information that is found in some…


Overcoming Common Safety Issues with the Installation of Industrial Insulation

There are several concerns industrial insulation contractors must consider when installing products in hazardous power plant environments, including the plant’s heat output, the probability of fly ash and acid gas, the implications of tight operating proximity, and many other issues that are unique to specific types of plants and installations. To combat these potentially dangerous situations for insulation installers, contractors must take the necessary precautions, including undergoing a rigorous pre-planning process, conducting a job safety analysis (JSA), mandating in-depth employee education, and providing employees with all of the required personal protective equipment (PPE). While power plant environments can prove to…


Måurice: A Small Scandinavian Luncheonette in Portland, OR

Admiring recently: Måurice, a “modern pastry luncheonette” in downtown Portland, Oregon, serving savory dishes and fika-style pastries in a petite storefront space. Here’s a look: Photography via Måurice. Above: The small interior features two-person booths with built-in tables. Garlands of dried flowers and leaves are strung from the ceiling. Above: A long, low counter with mismatched white-painted chairs creates dining space around the open kitchen. Above: In the front, by the windows, built-in benches maximize seating around small tables. A jar holds freshly-cut flowers. Above: After fika. Above: The light is part of the simple decor. Above: Måurice is “bound…

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