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Upstairs-Downstairs Living in a Historical Building in Norfolk

Proof of a well-considered space: Years after a remodel, its design stills feels fresh and exciting. That’s how we feel about Cold Press Gallery, an apartment and exhibition space housed in a former Methodist meeting hall from the 1800s. We first wrote about it back in 2012 (see Christine’s report here), when artists Kate and Ben Lawrence opened the gallery, located in the market town of Holt in rural Norfolk, about three hours north of London. A few years later, when we spotted the building for sale on The Modern House, we found ourselves enamored all over again. Ready to see…


10 Easy Pieces: Round Wood Trays

I don’t have much of a bar going, just three bottles of special aperitifs, but the other day I noticed that the collection looks a little sad. It’s not because of its modest proportions but because the bottles are standing there without a tray. See, a bar is not a bar without a great round wood tray. With it, bottles of liqueur are chic. Without it, they resemble a dorm room display (not chic). The realization led me down a path of wood tray research; here is the best of what I found. Above: The Nickey Kehoe Round Wooden Trays…


The Promise of AeroBarrier for Air Sealing Homes

AeroBarrier has been in the building news quite a bit lately: How AeroBarrier Works AeroBarrier is an innovative and sophisticated system for air sealing buildings. During installation, a proprietary synthetic acrylic is aerosolized while the home is under pressure developed by a blower door. As the air leaks through the building enclosure, the latex aerosol sticks and builds up on pretty much any crack up to about ½-inch. AeroBarrier is installed using a system of equipment seen here in a fully outfitted construction trailer. Photo courtesy of AeroBarrier. During installation, the AeroBarrier system is controlled by software that keeps track…


Steal This Look: A Simple Backyard Dining Pavillion in London

For an object lesson on how to create a charming first garden on a tight budget, we take you to a small backyard in London’s Crofton Park neighborhood. There food writer Mina Holland and musician Freddie Denham-Webb have created an oasis in the city—complete with an American-style Big Green Egg grill. What prompted the American barbecue invasion? “We’re on a street of what I figure were quite experimental Victorian houses. Ours is a purpose-built maisonette, and opposite there are cleverly laid-out cottages. It feels like it was a bit of a testing ground for small-space living,” Holland recently told The…


The Electric Vehicle Revolution Will Come From China, Not the U.S.

An electric taxi manufactured by the Chinese firm BYD. Photo: Mic / CC / Wikimedia Commons The electric vehicle revolution is coming, but it won’t be driven by the U.S. Instead, China will be at the forefront. My research on electric vehicles (EVs), dating back a decade, convinces me that this global transformation in mobility, from petroleum-fueled vehicles to electric ones, will come sooner than later. The shift is already happening in China, which is the world’s largest automobile market, with 23 million cars sold in 2018. As Western countries approach peak car ownership, there are still hundreds of millions…


Tips and Tricks for Using a Rafter Square

The rafter square, commonly called a “Speed Square” (a proprietary name like Romex and Kleenex), is a tool used by carpenters for a variety of tasks. Tom Silva provides some of the basics of this tool in the ASK TOH segment, How to Use a Speed Square. Here, post frame builder Kyle Stumpenhorst shares his top 10 uses. Between Tom and Kyle, you’re sure to learn a trick or two - whether you’re a professional contractor or not.https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/tips-and-tricks-using-rafter-square

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