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Stylish Gates to Safeguard Your Dog

Tension-mount models offer locking doors, so that it’s easy for humans to pass through but canines are contained. Or try a set of folding panels, like the one above—dare we call it fetching?Have a wide passageway that won’t hold a tension-mount gate? This 36"-high fold-up barrier with stabilizing feet offers flexible (but not child-safe) coverage. Plus, it opens to almost 7 feet wide.Primetime Petz Palm Springs Designer Gate, $150; Wayfair https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/stylish-gates-to-safeguard-your-dog


Tech Company Promises a Village of Printed Houses

This demonstration house was printed in Austin, Texas, last year. An updated version of the 3-D printer will be used to build houses in a poor Latin American community this year, its developer says. Photos courtesy of ICON. A Texas construction technology company says it has developed a 3D printer that will be used later this year to build a cluster of houses in an impoverished Latin American community as the experimental equipment graduates to real-world use. The project will pair the Austin-based company ICON with a California nonprofit called New Story that has been building houses in the region…


Steal This Look: Dinner in an Artist’s Atelier

I like to think of my apartment as an atelier–not a studio, an atelier–which is no doubt part of the reason I find the photos of this dinner party so appealing. Held in a lofty, skylit artist’s studio in East Nashville, Tennessee, the event was designed and styled by Jenn Elliot Blake of A Blog Named Scout for Anthology Magazine. Complete with painter’s drop cloths, splatter-painted brushes in earthenware jars, wild vines, and, of course, art on the walls, the whole scene is something we’d like to re-create. Atelier photographs by Amy Dickerson courtesy of Anthology Magazine. Above: The studio belongs to painter Emily Leonard; she and Jenn pulled…


Finally, the Fine Homebuilding Summit!

For as long as I have worked with Fine Homebuilding magazine, GreenBuildingAdvisor.com, and KeepCraftAlive.org, we have wanted to hold an event that brings leading industry experts—a mix of architects, builders, engineers, and building scientists—together with our readers and members, who are often just as knowledgeable and experienced. That means this event is more than 15 years in the making, and I’m sure the idea was around before my time at The Taunton Press. This October, FHB, GBA, and KCA will be holding the first ever Fine Homebuilding Summit in Southbridge, Mass. The Presenters The list of presenters is full of…


Crazy Beautiful: Adam Pogue’s Hand-Stitched Pillows and Textiles Inspired by Korean Pojagi

Patchwork is not for the faint of heart. It encourages an anything-goes approach that can often (and easily) cross over into too-much-of-everything madness. Adam Pogue, an LA-based textiles artist, understands this dynamic; his appliqued pieces are highly elaborate and whimsical, but also restrained and sophisticated. Pogue’s hand-sewn works—pillows, quilts, mats, and more—are inspired by the ancient Korean art of pojagi, which is essentially improvised patchwork piecing. A pojagi cloth was traditionally used to wrap, carry and store things. Here’s a look at Pogue’s recent collaboration with Commune, in which he creates compositions from the design studio’s collection of vintage fabrics.…


Choosing an Air Barrier and a Housewrap

In the midst of framing his new house, Joe Norm has switched gears and opted out of Zip System sheathing in favor of CDX plywood. The question he faces now is how he should air seal the exterior side of the walls—tape the seams between sheets of plywood, or tape the seams of the water-resistive barrier (WRB) he installs over the sheathing? More to the point, will a common WRB like DuPont’s Tyvek be good enough, or should he be prepared to spend more on an “exotic” product? “I priced out VaproShield IT and it looks to be 3x the cost…

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