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Resilience is the New Green

A United Nations report published June 25, 2019 warned that “Climate change threatens truly catastrophic consequences across much of the globe and the human rights of vast numbers of people will be among the casualties.” The emphasis on human rights represents a shift of focus, from mitigation to prevent climate change, to a concern on how to deal with what has become an inevitable catastrophe—how do we cope? Highly damaging natural disasters have increased in frequency and cost. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 14 major events in 2018 that caused at least $1 billion in damage. In the…


10 Easy Pieces: Traditional Pot Filler Faucets

10 Top Traditional Pot Filler Faucets for the Kitchen RemodelIcon - Arrow LeftIcon - Arrow RightIcon - External LinkIcon - MessageIcon - Down ChevronIcon - CloseIcon - Dropdown ArrowIcon - Location PinIcon - Zoom OutIcon - Zoom InIcon - SearchIcon - EmailIcon - FacebookflipboardIcon - InstagramIcon - PinterestIcon - TwitterIcon - Check Mark An icon we use to indicate a rightwards action. An icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. An icon we use to indicate a button link is external. The icon we use to represent an email action. Used to indicate a dropdown. Used to indicate a…


More Waste, Less Recycling in U.S.

The U.S. produces more than its fair share of solid waste but lacks the political will to deal with it effectively, according to a new report from a consulting firm specializing in risk analysis. Photo: Olle Johnson / CC BY-SA / Flickr] The U.S. represents 4% of the world’s population but produces 12% of municipal solid waste and recycles less of it than other developed countries, according to a new report from the consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft. The report said it compared data on waste generation and recycling for 194 countries and found the U.S. is the top producer of trash…


Steal This Look: A Beach Cottage Kitchen, Starring Ikea

“I had never worked with a blue palette before,” says Glenn Ban, a designer better known for neutrals and organic pieces. But, inspired by the blues and whites in Tiina Laakkonen’s shop in Amagansett, New York, he decided to branch out and try ocean hues for his cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Sourcing from P-Town shops, antique dealers, and Ikea, Ban created the perfect blue, white, and breezy kitchen. Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson, from A Beach Cottage in Provincetown, Styled for Budget-Minded Summer Living. Above: The Ikea kitchen features wood Karlby countertops and a Grundtal stainless steel rack, now discontinued. (Scroll down for…


Martin Holladay is Retiring

For 10 over years, Martin Holladay has been the voice of Green Building Advisor. When Martin was hired as an associate editor in 2008, he joined a robust staff of editors and experts—a joint effort between The Taunton Press and Building Green—with a mission to develop a new resource to meet the needs of a growing industry of architects, builders, remodelers, engineers, energy raters, and other professionals interested in building smarter, more energy-efficient, healthier, more durable, and more responsible homes. That mission never changed, but the building market and the world of publishing did. It wasn’t long before Martin found…


Paving Perfect Outdoor Spaces

Paving Perfect Outdoor Spaces 7 × Add Old-World Elegance Add Old-World Elegance Photo courtesy of Unilock A sweeping, curved driveway lends a grand air of welcoming. And polished cobblestone-style pavers are an effective way to introduce timeless charm. Shown here, Unilock's Courtstone® paver's strength makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Watch how it performs compared with standard pavers in a muriatic acid test.  10 × Enjoy Your Outdoors Enjoy Your Outdoors Photo courtesy of unilock Designing a new outdoor space is an exciting prospect, but it can also feel overwhelming. To help, Unilock has compiled some great tips…

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