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Sanity Check on an Unvented Roof Assembly

Mapping out the roof assembly for a new house in Climate Zone 6B, Steve Mackay has settled on long I-joists insulated with a mix of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam and blown-in fiberglass. He doesn’t plan on venting the roof, and he wants to be certain his design will be problem free. Here’s what it looks like: 14-inch I-joists with 5 inches of closed-cell foam sprayed on the underside of the roof desk. The balance of the insulation will be fiberglass (Mackay wants to use the BIBS system) with no interior vapor barrier. In all, he gets R-67 in the roof…


Current Obsessions: Summer Sales & Events

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Expert Advice: How to Throw an Impromptu Summer Dinner Party

There’s something about summer that invites spontaneity: one last quick dip in the lake before dinner, an afternoon drive to nowhere in particular, spur-of-the-moment dinners taken outside in the garden. Some of the most memorable summer evenings start out this way: an impromptu dinner party, just because it’s too beautiful to call it a night. (Or because company drops by unexpectedly.) How to pull off a festive dinner—to make sure there’s something to eat, and that it’s just a bit special—when there’s no time to run to the grocery store, the florist, or the farmer’s market? (Or, when you’d rather spend…


Vacation Dreaming: Elegant Simplicity on the Italian Island of Pantelleria

When Julie showed me images of Tenuta Borgia on the island of Pantelleria, named One of the 10 Best Secret Islands in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler, I felt a spark of recognition. The rustic stone lodging, the white-washed walls, the sparkling pool, the unrelenting sun—I had most definitely never been there before (I wish!), yet it all seemed eerily familiar. Turns out, the estate, which consists of seven dammusi (one-story houses made of volcanic rock), plays a prominent role in Luca Guadagnino’s A Bigger Splash, starring Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes. The director, who also helmed Call Me By…


Better Than Ever: A 209-Year-Old House Remodel

Better Than Ever: A 209-Year-Old House Remodel 7 × Michael on the Porch Michael on the Porch Photo by John Gruen They made those wishes a reality a year later working with local contractor Lou Boxer. Despite the roster of significant changes, Boxer says the renovation added just 1,100 square feet of living space. “The largest change to the existing rectangle was bumping out an exterior wall on the west side, eight feet by twenty-two feet, for the new dining room.” A two-story addition went up where the former garage had been. “Overall, the project was not so big a…


Kitchen of the Week: A Photographer’s Flexible Studio Kitchen in Ojai Valley (And an Outdoor Shower, Too)

There’s a slim category of kitchens that embodies everything we think a kitchen workspace should be—equal parts functional and beautiful—and it’s the photographer’s studio kitchen. These spaces must be practical and usable, with efficient storage and clever shape-shifting solutions. But, as backdrops for photographs of lush entertaining spreads and heaping bowls of food, they must also be clean-lined and aspirational. (Just take a look at this one in Berkeley we featured a few months back.) The photo studio kitchen is flooded with natural light, flexible, and, often, with a photographer’s eye behind the design, especially artful. This is particularly the…

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