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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 1 × 1. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Worm Style Saw Kit 1. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Worm Style Saw Kit PHOTO: AMAZON Thanks to its superior ability to eject dust, this cordless, rear-handle saw, with its full-size, 7 1⁄4  inch blade, outperforms its corded, worm-drive cousins.$317 for the kit; DeWalt Buy now on Amazon 2 × 2. Festool Cordless Sander Set 2. Festool Cordless Sander Set PHOTO: AMAZON Its 18-volt battery can power a 5-inch disk for 30 minutes on a single charge. For longer run times, just plug in the corded adapter. The pad spins…


Expert Advice: 12 Insider Tips for Sourcing Antiques and Vintage Online

7. Read the fine print. Different sites take different commissions from sellers, often depending on the selling price, and some payment methods are more buyer-friendly than others. Keep in mind, for example, that PayPal’s Purchase Protection makes getting refunds easy. And note that shipping times can vary widely. Above: A plywood side chair in A Buzzfeed Founder’s Renovated Rowhouse, Budget Edition was an eBay score. Photograph courtesy of White Arrow. 8. Know the returns policy. Many established sites have reasonable returns policies. “Some people are still intimidated about buying online, and the sites want you to be comfortable with it,” says Nguyen of…


Can We Prepare for Climate Impacts Without Creating Financial Chaos?

Climate change may overwhelm the ability of some communities to survive as we know them. Flooding and hurricanes in the East, and wildfires and water shortages in the West, are growing threats. [Photo credit: U.S. Department of Defense] This post originally appeared at Ensia There is a perverse and hidden danger from climate change that few people, even those who unquestionably accept the science, know how to deal with. Someday, likely sooner than we think, the destruction that warmer global temperatures are inflicting — through record floods, wildfires, droughts, and hurricanes — could physically overwhelm our ability to maintain many…


Brookline Mid-Century Modern House Reveal

Brookline Mid-Century Modern House Reveal 10 × Hexagonal Bath Tiles Hexagonal Bath Tiles Photo by Anthony Tieuli As infrastructure issues were resolved, the couple turned to selecting finishes. Though neither has formal training, both have an eye for design and naturally gravitate to the kind of clean, modern architecture they grew up surrounded by in their native Mumbai. Both also have the ability to envision flat renderings in three dimensions, says Sunil, in part because of their work in medical imaging (he’s a pediatric cardiac imagist, she’s a pediatric radiologist). Shown: The en suite bath features hexagonal wall tiles with…


Something Old, Something New: The Evolution of a Beverly Hills Home

The most interesting houses tend to be in an eternal state of evolving. Such is the case with the Beverly Hills bungalow that film producer Carla moved into two decades ago. Previously, she had a small place in Laurel Canyon but longed for a midcentury house. She found her solution when she spotted an early 1970s design that had been heavily decorated in “bad Santa Fe style” but was full of promise. Enlisting the help of her architect friend Hagy Belzberg, a protégé of Frank Gehry’s, Carla brought the place back to its original, pared-down, Schindler-inspired form. For the interiors, she worked…


In a Pinch, Chose Energy Efficiency Over Solar

Energy-efficient building components like windows and insulation are not as obvious as solar panels but ultimately help homeowners save more money. [Photo credit: Joel Dueck / CC / Flickr] An analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy finds that energy efficiency and solar make complementary energy and carbon reductions in new home construction, but when budgets are tight, efficiency needs to come first. Throughout the United States, energy efficiency is more cost-effective. Each month, it delivers $4 to $32 in net savings while rooftop solar alone can cost up to $14. With the U.S. building stock estimated to add a net average of 1.4…

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