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The High/Low Table: 11 Ideas to Steal from the Hudson Valley

Meet Dana McClure, Chris Lanier, and their son, Parker. Former Brooklynites—she’s an artist/textile designer, he’s a chef/food stylist—they decided a few years ago to head for the hills to combine talents and set up their own upstate New York creative center. At Ravenwood, their newly remodeled 1850s barn, the couple stage Hudson Valley harvest meals in the fall, spring, and summer and also host a weekend farm stand. (See the schedule for the full list of goings-on.) The Ravenwood motto: “Where farming, food, and design meet.” Join us for their advice on how to set a table that’s both simple and sophisticated, rustic and refined. Photography…


Rail Makes Transportation Cleaner

Transportation represents a large portion — about 29%  — of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and the share has been rising in recent years. Rail proponents often argue that investment in trains and public transportation is a key part of making transportation cleaner, and indeed, the Green New Deal calls for greatly expanding high-speed rail. I’m a scholar of rail, and it’s clear to me that the quickest way to decrease greenhouse gases from transportation is to travel by train and move goods by rail instead of on the road or by air. To explain why, it’s worth comparing rail to other…


10 Paint Colors with Cult Followings: Architects’ All-Time Favorite Paint Picks

Remodelista contributing editor Justine Hand used Nimbus on the bed frame in her daughter Solvi’s room, shown here and featured in The Soulful Side of Old Cape Cod: Justine’s Family Cottage. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista. 7. Thunder from Benjamin Moore Above: NYC designer Elizabeth Bolognino named Benjamin Moore’s Thunder to the cult list. “I love how it changes from gray to beige to white. It is the perfect background for accent colors while keeping things subdued and sophisticated,” she says. (Bolognino herself mixes a custom version of 25 percent Thunder and 75 percent white.) Justine Hand used Thunder to create a forest pattern in…


Tiny House Converts Benefit the Environment

Interest is surging in tiny homes — livable dwelling units that typically measure under 400 square feet. Much of this interest is driven by media coverage claiming that living in tiny homes is good for the planet. It may seem intuitively obvious that downsizing to a tiny home would reduce one’s environmental impact, since it means occupying a much smaller space and consuming fewer resources. But little research has been done to actually measure how people’s environmental behaviors change when they make this drastic move. For my doctorate in environmental design and planning, I sought to fill this gap in knowledge by…


Under the Eaves: A Brick House Reinvention in South London by Simon Astridge

If you’re considering paneling, take a look at our Ultimate Wood Paneling Guide. Above: The whitewashed paneling continues in the under-the-eaves master bedroom, which integrates one of the roof extensions. A recess in the paneling takes the place of a headboard. Above: The skylight in the roof is also paneled. The copper sconce was chosen for contrast. For something similar, consider the Benny Frandsen Ball Copper Wall Lamp. Above: The en-suite blue-and-white master bath makes use of standard white tile in three sizes: the smallest on the sink wall, medium on the floor, and the largest on the central wall,…


My Windows Were Installed Incorrectly. Now What?

Brian is building a new house in New Jersey and has selected Andersen 400 Series windows. So far, so good. The problem is how the windows have been installed by Brian’s builder. Many of the manufacturer’s installing instructions have been ignored, Brian writes in a Q&A post. The contractor used no caulk, chose Tyvek housewrap tape instead of flashing tape, and failed to overlap the Tyvek by at least 6 inches, as required by the instructions. “It looks like they lined the rough openings with Tyvek and a bit of Vycor Plus flashing at the botton only, then installed the…

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