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A ’60s Ocean Lodge Redux: Timber Cove on the Sonoma Coast

When architect Richard Clements Jr. designed Timber Cove Lodge on the coast of Sonoma County, California, in 1963, he took inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright: His hotel would be a tall A-frame, whose height would optimize ocean views, and whose materials—dark wood, stone, and glass—would make the building look at home in its surroundings. Timber Cove was a hit for Clements, but like all things manmade, it fell out of style. When developers Michael Barry and Jens von Gierke bought it in 2015, they saw the potential (it’s sited on 25 acres of oceanfront property), but the hotel hadn’t been…


Lessons from Asheville’s First Zero Energy Ready Home

The Department of Energy would like builders to up their game. Though the energy savings achieved by the DOE’s Energy Star Homes program (said to be 20%) is worth celebrating, it’s possible these days to build homes that are even more energy efficient than that. It’s even possible while also delivering other key benefits:  improved comfort, reduced water use, the best possible indoor air quality, and the ability to seamlessly integrate a photovoltaic (PV) system. The DOE thinks it’s time for more new homes to take that step. Enter the Zero Energy Ready Home program. Launched in 2013 as an…


Should We Install a Whole-House Fan?

Writing from St. Paul, Minnesota, W Ramsay wants some feedback on his plan to install whole-house ventilation fans in the house he’s building. He likes the idea, the building inspector does not. Ramsay sees the benefits of improved indoor air quality and energy-efficient cooling, while the inspector is apparently concerned that the fans would depressurize the house and possibly lead to backdrafting of combustion appliances. Originally, the inspector was prepared to require a 1:1 makeup air system, which would not only be expensive but also defeat the purpose of the fans, Ramsay says. The inspector backed off that original request…


Expert Advice: How to Open Up the Summerhouse for the Season

As a kid, there was something magical about that first drive north, to Maine, for summer vacation. We’d pack our summer gear (swimsuits and oversize T-shirts), Nancy Drew novels, and dogs, and drive north over the Piscataqua River Bridge. When we got closer we’d roll down the windows so we could smell the salt air, a harbinger of summer. But, inevitably, we’d also be greeted by the charms of a ramshackle summer cottage that had been locked up for months: musty couch cushions, ants in the sink. One time we arrived to discover that, over the winter, something had nibbled…


Current Obsessions: Summer Kick-Off

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LA Palette Cleanser: A Flash-Free Holmby Hills Makeover by DISC Interiors, Before and After

The fridge and freezer are concealed behind paneled doors on the side wall. The porcelain lights over the island are Lucia Pendants, Remodelista favorites from British company Hector Finch. Above: A shaded sitting area off the living room opens to a terrace. Above: “I know how loud and wild our life is,” says the mother (with her boys hooting in the background). “I wanted our bedroom to be completely simple.” The bedside table is DISC’s Ito Nightstand, part of a small collection of design staples available from the firm. Above: Like the kitchen, the master bath was given a complete rethink. Enlarged…

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