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Ductwork for ERVs, Dehumidifiers, and Forced-Air Heating Systems

All homes don't need a ducted whole-house dehumidifier like this model by Ultra-Aire. But any builder who decides to install a whole-house dehumidifier needs to understand how these appliances should be ducted. [Photo credit: Ultra-Aire] Is it possible for an ERV, a whole-house dehumidifier, and a forced-air heating and cooling system to share ductwork? The answer is yes — but these systems need to be designed with care. This article describes what I believe to be the best ways that these three appliances can share ductwork. Since there are many different products in these three appliance categories, and since each…


Steal This Look: An Idiosyncratic French Mod Bedroom in Bellport, NY

In the redesign of a colonial house in Bellport, New York, by French designer C. S. Valentin, the interiors have a distinct look balancing the colonial architecture with midcentury furniture, modern textiles, and nervy color. Case in point? The upstairs bedroom. Here we take a closer look at Valentin’s formula. Above: A full view of the bedroom shows Valentin’s unexpected color palette: shades of yellow, dark gray, pale purple, and a spot of red. Styling by Alexa Hotz; photograph by Jonathan Hokklo for Remodelista. Above: Valentin sourced the vintage lamps from Holler & Squall in Brooklyn and the vintage side tables, designed…


California Eateries May Soon Add ‘Carbon Free’ to the Menu

California officials have announced the creation of a program to certify restaurants that offset carbon emissions from their operations. The program will help pay for carbon-reducing practices on the state's farms and ranches. [Photo credit: Strewn / CC BY-NC-ND / Flickr] In California, it may soon be possible to add “zero carbon” to your list of preferences when dining out. The Los Angeles Times reports that restaurants offsetting their climate impact by underwriting carbon-reducing agricultural practices will be added to a state directory that diners can browse before making a reservation. Restaurants should be able to make the list in one…


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 1 × Home Goods and Décor Gifts | Modway Knack Wood Office Desk Home Goods and Décor Gifts | Modway Knack Wood Office Desk This contemporary mod-style desk comes with clever storage solutions and the slim design allows you to turn any small nook into a work station. About $125; Amazon 2 × Cotton Craft Room Divider Cotton Craft Room Divider An intricately carved room divider with a mango-wood frame. Use this beautiful piece for privacy while dressing or just use it to hide clutter. About $190; Amazon 3 × Hibou Pour-over Coffeemaker Hibou Pour-over Coffeemaker A…


Object of Desire: Studio Formata Marbleized Trays

In our book Remodelista: The Organized Home, we devote almost an entire chapter to trays as organizational tools (for corralling countertop clutter in the kitchen, nighttime essentials on the bedside table, and more). Our latest obsession? Jewel-toned, one-off marbleized trays from Sweden’s Studio Formata, a collaboration between mother and daughter team Ingela and Clara Bergman. Clara, who studies architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, says, “I have a strong passion for exploring and creating unexpected meetings between colors, shapes, and materials, and I also have a strong interest in using ancient craft traditions and techniques in new creative contexts.” Here’s…


How to Wire for LED Lighting

One of the benefits of using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) over conventional light bulbs is that they produce a lot of light without using a lot of electricity. This low current draw, and the possibility of using a low-voltage direct current (DC) circuit rather than a conventional alternating current (AC) circuit, has Caroline Di Diego looking for advice. “I understand we are still very much in a hybrid AC/DC universe and AC has to exist for kitchen appliances and infrastructure appliances in the utility room,” Di Diego wrote in a 2015 Q&A post. “However, our client wants to take the step…

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