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Live Q&A: Direct from Westerly

Not only do Insiders have the chance to ask the TOH experts for advice during each Live Q&A, they also often get an advance look at project houses since many Live Q&As are filmed on the construction sites.During a recent Live Q&A at the Westerly, RI, project, TOH host Kevin O’Connor and TOH home builder Jeff Sweenor gave a quick tour of the work to date on the 1940s ranch-style house that is being converted to a two-story Dutch Colonial. They also answered many questions from Insiders, including: an Insider from Alabama asking if spray-foam insulation can be applied under…


Insider Giveaway: Visit the New Yankee Workshop!

Viewers of The New Yankee Workshop over the years have marveled not only at the skill of TOH master carpenter Norm Abram but also at the incredible workshop outfitted with tools and machines that most home woodworkers could only dream about.For 20 years, Norm shared his fine-woodworking techniques during episodes of The New Yankee Workshop, building everything from a Shaker-style red pine medicine cabinet (the very first project, Season 1, Episode 1, in January 1989) to library ladders, garden swings, trestle tables, and more. Although the show has been off the air since 2009, the workshop is still intact—and a…


Sneak Peek: Westerly Ranch Windows

Many renovations involve relocating windows, but that change usually requires simply cutting into framing timbers and adding new headers.At the Westerly, RI, project, however, the desire for a new window put TOH home builder Jeff Sweenor up against the wall: a solid-concrete foundation wall, to be exact. The existing basement’s only source of natural light was a set of windows located on the back of the house. During the renovation, a new deck will be built back there, creating a great spot for outdoor living, but with the unfortunate side effect of covering up the basement windows. To give the…


Sneak Peek: Brookline Mid-century Modern Floor

The homeowners of the Brookline Mid-century Modern project originally wanted polished concrete floors for their house. They loved the aesthetics and practicality of the material, which has become an iconic choice for contemporary interiors.However, the house’s poor condition meant that the TOH team would have had to reinforce the floors before they could handle the weight of the concrete, an expensive undertaking. So the homeowners came up with a smart alternative: big porcelain tiles that look like concrete. How big are they? Really big. Each tile measures 2 feet by 2 feet and weighs 80 pounds. To install the tiles,…


Trend Alert: Kintsugi, The Art of the Mended Vessel

Right about now I’m wishing I hadn’t tossed that prized stoneware bowl that my tenants broke last summer. Had I known, I could have used it to practice the fine art of Japanese kintsugi. Kintsugi, or kintsukuroi—literally meaning “golden repair”—is the Japanese art of mending broken vessels with gold or other metallic lacquer. Along with similar wabi-sabi traditions such as boro and shashiko, in which the broken or imperfect is not discarded, but literally celebrated via painstaking repair, kintsugi is witnessing a resurgence in popularity. Today, collectors are not only clamoring for antique specimens, but contemporary artists are experimenting with their own interpretation of this…


Top 20 Best New Home Products | Lawn and Garden

Top 20 Best New Home Products | Lawn and Garden 2 × 1. INVINCIBELLE WEE WHITE HYDRANGEA 1. INVINCIBELLE WEE WHITE HYDRANGEA Courtesy of Proven Winners ColorChoice Proven Winners ColorChoiceThe first dwarf form of the popular ‘Annabelle,’ this compact hydrangea takes up little space (it tops out at 1 to 2 ½ feet tall) but adds plenty of visual appeal. Snip spent blossoms, and in zones 3–8 it’ll produce lush, sturdy blooms from June through September.$21 for a 1-quart pot; Great Garden Plants 3 × 2. M18 FUEL 16" CHAINSAW KIT 2. M18 FUEL 16" CHAINSAW KIT Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool…

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