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Current Obsessions: March by Design

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Generation NEXT: Skylight lesson with Norm Abram

A wish-list item for many homeowners, skylights are often included in TOH project houses. In fact, 40 years ago, TOH master carpenter Norm Abram installed a skylight at the very first This Old House project in Dorchester, MA.At the Brookline Mid-century Modern House, the homeowners wanted these light-enhancing features, too, but the skylights required special finesse because of the house’s flat roof. Who better than Norm to work with one of the GenNEXT apprentices to get the job done? “With a low-pitched roof, there are different considerations,” says Norm, who gave Carly Comitino a lesson as they framed the skylight…


Sneak Peek: Brookline storm water problem-solving

A big challenge early on at the TOH Mid-century Modern project house was designing the storm water management system.When the house was built in the 1950s, the rainwater was collected in a drain that tied directly into the town’s sewer system, but that type of tie-in is no longer allowed. The house is on a terraced lot, at the bottom of a street, so water runs down the street and onto the lot. The new driveway has a downhill incline into the new garage, creating even more of a storm water challenge. The solution, according to TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook…


Behind the Scenes: Brookline’s Pill Hill

Our Mid-century Modern project house is located in Pill Hill, one of the Town of Brookline’s seven local historic districts.With the town situated just four miles from the center of Boston, Brookline became a streetcar suburb of Boston in the mid-1800s. Pill Hill’s name reflects the fact that many medical professionals chose to live in this area because of its proximity to Boston’s hospitals and medical schools, many of which have been located in the Longwood medical area of Brookline since the early 1900s. Pill Hill includes many houses built between 1870 and 1930, in styles such as Victorian, English…


Watch It Again: Ask This Old House garden ideas

At this time of year, many homeowners are yearning to get outdoors.In Season 14, Episode 19 of AskTOH, TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook tells TOH host Kevin O’Connor about three key trends: outdoor rooms—to get you outside and enjoying your space  plants you can eat, rather than ornamental plants you just enjoy looking at  wildlife gardens “Everyone is into attracting birds and bees to the garden; the kids can go out there and watch them, and it’s really interesting,” says Roger. TOH landscape designer Jenn Nawada helps a homeowner in Washington, D.C., plant a wildlife garden to attract birds and…


Behind the Scenes: Transforming a Westerly ranch

Work is under way for the 41st season of This Old House, with TOH home builder Jeff Sweenor’s crew tackling a ranch in Westerly, RI.The original one-story house will expand into a two-story Dutch Colonial for a family with young children. Lori Foley, architectural designer for Sweenor Builders, says: “The original ranch design is a perfect starting point to create a Colonial-style layout. Our homeowner prefers the look of a Dutch Colonial with the gambrel roof style. The main portion of this house will be raised to have nine-foot ceilings. The gambrel roofline has dormers to accommodate the rooms on…

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